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Richard Deimel

Owner & Founder

I´m the founder and owner of Extravaganzas and MyChangePlanner. I ran an independent business with distribution of gifts and home accessories for more than 13 years. 2016 I started with transforming nature into interior products you can see at www.extravaganzas.at.

Why making a second project, the MyChangePlanner, in 2017?

Well, in those months of establishing Extravaganzas I struggled for a long time because I was overwhelmed by all the tasks and out of focus so many times. Additionally, I got health problems. By searching for a tool with tips & tricks to bring me back on track I looked for online and offline solutions. Finally, I decided for a printed planner.

Why a printed planner?

Because with pen and paper you get more involved or immersed into the process of change and goal setting, or actually stay focused on the most important tasks you have. This planner promised to be more than the normal time management but with a lot of advice for enabling me overcoming my issues. As it also had great reviews and a lot of sales I ordered one and was quite disappointed because for me the additional value was minor and the design was boring. I used it, but I never was set to a mindset I wanted to have.

So I developed and created My Change Planner:

My Change Planner – Master Your Lifestyle and Achieve Your Dreams

The full color printed My Change Planner is much more than the usual time management. You get supported to achieve your lifestyle goals, with tracking possibilities and a lot of tips and tricks that help to achieve and execute targets. It also keeps you motivated over the whole year with a lot of motivational quotes and links to helpful content and inspirational videos.

It is a complete lifestyle change and improvement program.

Knowledge about healthy food, good lifestyle or sustainability is always getting better. So why does it not work for you? The key is that not the knowledge is the problem, but insufficient implementation caused by being too less persistent and having not the supportive coaching so many need to switchover in “challenge mode”. And getting into challenge mode would help you a lot to achieve your goals.

I´m passionate about entrepreneurship, enjoy Cabrio cruising and like paisley pattern. Not to forget: I love inspiring & motivating quotes.


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