All right, do you love challenges? They are an excellent possibility to improve yourself, your lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, habits, mind and business. From this day on try to make a challenge you pick yourself from this list consequently each day for the rest of your life, and you will see an inevitable improvement in the chosen area and your life generally.

The chosen duration of 30 days or 1 month you can assume as the minimum duration to make a lasting change in one of your habits. Research has shown that the best minimum duration would be 66 days. So, for best results, you should chose more than 66 days as your challenge time.

So here we go:


  1. Hydration: 2 liter of clear water every day
  2. No sugar
  3. Only vegetarian food
  4. A salad every day
  5. 1 apple a day
  6. 1 shake instead of dinner
  7. Dinner cancelling
  8. A smoothie a day
  9. No alcohol
  10. No cigarettes
  11. Golden milk challenge
  12. Self cooking challenge
  13. Only Eat at Tables: Desktime = lunchtime? Guilty…usually. But not today! Only allow yourself to eat while sitting at the kitchen table (a table at the office is fine too; just avoid your desk for the day). Be sure distractions like newspapers and magazines, TVs, smartphones, and computers are out of sight too. As a bonus, you’ll find you’ll connect to your loved ones more when you eat mindfully together.
  14. Detox challenge
  15. intermittent fasting challenge:
  16. Take a dietary supplement, herbs or a spice that is tied to a health goal. E.g.: If you suffer from leg cramps from time to time you can take a magnesium supplement to relax your muscles. If you face digestive problems you can go for a
  17. No junk food


  1. Pushups
  2. Pullups
  3. Squats
  4. MaBo Shaolin position
  5. Abs challenge
  6. Fasciae training:
  7. 5 min plank challenge: 60 sec full plank, 30 sec elbow plank, 2x 30 sec raised leg plank, 30 sec side plank, 30 sec full plank, 30 sec elbow plank
  8. Fitness challenge using the app “30 Tage Fit”
  9. 5k run or walk challenge
  10. Stretching challenge
  11. sun salutation yoga challenge
  12. 1 Marathon in 1 week challenge: Yes, a marathon in 1 day is a huge challenge and you have to exercise for months to make that possible. But 1 marathon in a week is also achievable if you have a medium fitness level. If you do it by running each day 6 km or 2 times a half marathon of 21 km is up to you. Just make sure you have a fixed plan for this running week according to your fitness level.


An effective and excellent way to control your thoughts, clear your mind aka get rid of your monkey mind, is to meditate.

  1. 1 min simple breathing meditation: this is the simplest form of breathing meditation: just take 10 deep breaths
  2. 1 min breathing meditation: do the following breathing sequence 3 times: quickly and deeply inhale for 3 sec, hold your breath for 3 sec, exhale for 6 sec, hold your breath for 1 sec, exhale once more for 6 sec, hold your breath for 1 sec, repeat the whole sequence 2 times.


  1. Initiate challenge: reach out, ask a question, make a recommendation, offer to help, and pitch your idea to one but different people every day/week.
  2. Wake up earlier challenge
  3. No complaining challenge
  4. Digital Detox Challenge
  5. Posture challenge
  6. Do ten minutes a day of a habit that is tied to a major pain point or goal in your life.
  7. Reach out challenge: call, email or write to one person, each day to a different person you liked but that you lost sight for a long time.
  8. No Television
  9. No Social Media challenge: This could maybe be the biggest challenge of all because, be serious, we are all addicted to our smart phone and the new feed and messages from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and all the other social networks.
  10. Make your bed every day (after airing, so best after breakfast)
  11. Take a cold shower: Yes, that’s a hard one, isn’t it?

Too hard: then do at least a cold shower for your feet at the beginning which is very healthy for your veins. This could be seen as a form of Kneipp-cure treatment which is said to be able to support the avoidance of varicose veins.


  1. Ask an unusual and intimate question every day for 1 month
  2. Read a book for 1 hour a day
  3. Write down each day 1 thing that gives you good energy and positive vibes. This could be a person, a special environment, a activity, a drink or meal, a relaxation technique, music, etc
  4. Perform one selfless act. Whether it’s helping out a stranger or someone near and dear, it doesn’t matter — just do it. When you positively affect someone else’s life, you’ll positively affect your own, too.
  5. Try one new thing you’ve never done. We’re not talking skydiving here, (although that’s cool, too). It can be something simple like taking a new class at the gym or striking up a conversation with a stranger, but mix up your routine. Variety is the spice of life.
  6. Get rid of things you don’t need. Decluttering your space has the amazing ability to make life feel just a little bit lighter and brighter. It feels so good, in fact, that it might be hard to stop at just 5. Our advice? Let it ride and purge away!
  7. EFT Tapping challenge
  8. “spoil oneself” challenge: oh yes, please yourself every day: your favourite drink on Saturday, your favourite meal on Sunday, a massage an Monday, an ice cream on Tuesday, a hot bath on Wednesday, … So every day a new pleasure you treat oneself. That’s a really nice challenge, isn’t it? But for many of us it is a helpful and necessary challenge because often we work and work, support others, help that person, have to deal with an information overload every day … but forget to do something good for yourself. And you should because if you don’t, your batteries will empty and you suffer from a burnout as so many in these stressful days.
  9. No Negativity Challenge: What is your negativity? Are you disappointed, do you blame yourself for a specific reason, do you think you are not good enough or even that you are a complete failure, being punished by many people or the complete universe?Start being aware when thinking in that ways arises in your mind and stop it by reminding you on circumstances in your life or of something you have achieved recently, and that you are proud of or grateful for.


  1. work on your (side) business every day: best pick a special aspect e.g. write and publish a post every day, call 5 prospects a day or write 2 pages of an ebook every day.
  2. Make 1 Facebook post every day
  3. Make 1 Instagram post every day
  4. Call x potential customers each day challenge